I am all about the visual things in life. I love painting, photographing, designing, and being creative in general.

My background is as follows:

Fell in love with painting (high school)
Wanted to go to art school
Looked at my bank account-couldn’t go to art school
Got a scholarship. Got many scholarships.
Chose the path of least financial resistance (Western Kentucky University)
Chose a painting major.
Took a photography class (figured I could learn to make copy shots of my paintings)
Liked photography.
Figured out I could take pictures and make a living at the same time.
Wouldn’t be a starving artist.
Switched majors.
Did an internship at a newspaper. Did many internships.
Graduated. Got a job. Moved to Florida.
Shot cool photos. Saw lots of things. Traveled. Covered big stories.
Learned how to be a visual storyteller.
Went back to school.
Chose another path and went to graduate school.
Left with no debt.
Moved to Maine. Produced. Saw. Photographed. Managed.

What I’m doing today:
Adviser at Western Kentucky University for the WKU Herald.
Teaching. Telling stories. Helping students tell better stories.
Learning how to be a better storyteller in more dimensions.
Freelancing. Shooting. Producing. Designing. Web stuff.